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Bar O´Toxo Verde

Bar-restaurant that serves a decent quantity of high quality tapas.  If you add this to the good service from the waiters and the spaciousness of the bar, you get a bar that’s more than recommendable.

location icon Arganzuela - C/ Bronce, 35, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-22-08 1:26:48
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Bar La Pequeña Graná

Good atmosphere in a bar where you can choose tapa to go with your caña from a menu.  The only two problems: they lack a certain closeness with the customers, and the quantity of the tapas.  Still, there are not many other places in Madrid where you can choose your own tapa.

location icon Arganzuela - C/ General Palanca, 16, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-22-08 1:24:04
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Bar La Rosa

Incredibly delicious tortilla (potato omelette).  They always serve it to you as your tapa and, if not, you’ll get a hearty slice of cold cut deli meat.  Without a doubt, we recommend it.

location icon Arganzuela - Ronda de Atocha, 30, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-22-08 1:18:00
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Bar Bacanal

It doesn’t have that traditional, neighborhood atmosphere, but rather that of a cocktail bar.  Still, the cañas are well-poured and the tapas, although small, are original and delicious.  The cañas are very expensive.

location icon Arganzuela - C/ Bolívar, 11, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-22-08 11:59:48
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