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  Sello de calidad

Bar Sierra

Ideal for an afternoon of cañas that may turn into a night of partying.  The tapas are hearty and get even bigger the more beer you order.  The only downside, as usual: a ton of people on weekends.

location icon Chamberí - C/ Galileo 41 Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-16-08 10:23:39
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Bar Kalígulas

Kalígulas es una franquicia en la que puedes elegir tu tapa para acompañar a la cerveza. El doble cuesta 2,50 € y las tapas van desde hamburguesas a baguetes de calamares. Variadas y contundentes.

location icon Chamberí - C/ Alberto Aguilera, 36, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2014-17-03 11:06:56
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Bar La Blanca Paloma

Paying 2.50€ for a “doble” (double caña) in Moncloa is painful, but they serve the same tapas in all of La Blanca Paloma bars: a good quantity and variety but of questionable quality. Always very friendly and ideal for spending extended hours in the area.

location icon Moncloa-Aravaca - C/ Meléndez Valdés, 62, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-18-09 4:07:16
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Bar Casa Paco

Small tapa with each caña, but what calls attention to this bar is the immense variety of tortilla española (potato omelette).  They have tortillas ranging from stuffed roquefort (a French blue cheese) to bacon and cheese.

location icon Moncloa-Aravaca - C/ Altamirano, 38, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-18-09 3:54:03
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Bar Los Chicos

Their specialty is “patatas bravas” (potatoes with spicy sauce). They didn’t serve us a lot, but we left very happy with the quality of their food. In addition, the bar is spacious and the service is very good.

location icon Chamberí - C/ Guzmán el Bueno, 33, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-28-08 11:24:06
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