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Bar Padrao

Bar agradable, muy espacioso y limpio. Sin embargo, es difícil de localizar, ya que no se ve desde la calle San Bernardo. Las abundantes tapas y el trato de los camareros hacen de este bar un lugar muy recomendable.

location icon Centro - Travesía de la Parada,4 Madrid Open in Google Maps
2014-27-09 10:26:52
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Bar El Labriego

Modern bar with a Galician-Portuguese kitchen, a young atmosphere and quality raciones (large portion tapas that you pay for). The tapas are reasonable, and they have a beer tap at every table so that you can pour your own cañas (not recommended since they will not serve you as many tapas).

location icon Centro - C/ Veneras, 4, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-23-08 12:47:22
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Bar El Boñar de León

Deserves a thorough explanation.  It is an unkempt and dirty bar, however, it has a certain charm.  Their tapas are the biggest you can find in Madrid although the quality is questionable.  We left the bar full of doubt, debating whether or not to never come back or make it a regular.

location icon Centro - C/ Cruz Verde, 16, Madrid Open in Google Maps
2013-22-08 10:35:50
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